Articles in peer-reviewed journals

Mitrouchev, I. (2024). Normative and behavioural economics: a historical and methodological review.
The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought   [postprint]

Lecouteux, G. and I. Mitrouchev (2023). The view from manywhere: normative economics with context-dependent preferences.
Economics & Philosophy   [postprint]

Mitrouchev, I. and V. Buonomo (2023). Identity, ethics and behavioural welfare economics.
Economics & Philosophy   [postprint]

Critical essay in peer-reviewed journal

Mitrouchev, I. (2019). Normative economics without the concept of preference.
Ĺ’conomia 9(1), 135-147

Book chapter

Mitrouchev, I. (forthcoming). Behavioural economics and welfare. In Giancarlo Ianulardo, John Davis, and Ricardo Crespo (Eds).
The Elgar Handbook of Teaching Philosophy to Economists. Edward Elgar.   [preprint]


'On the descriptive use of prospect theory for normative analysis'
(revise and resubmit in The European Journal of the History of Economic Thought)   [preprint]

'Inferring welfare from inconsistent choices: how values matter', with Guilhem Lecouteux
(revise and resubmit in Economics & Philosophy)   [preprint]

'From decision utility to experienced utility: back and forth'
(under review)   [preprint]


'Uncovering rationality', with Thomas Epper

'Can entrepreneurs’ preferences explain their environmental and social behaviours?', with Thomas Epper

(Drafts available upon request)


'Essays on normative behavioural economics: methodological and theoretical issues' (defence: 2020)