Review essay in academic journal (peer-reviewed)

[1] Mitrouchev, I. (2019). Normative economics without the concept of preference. Œconomia — History / Methodology / Philosophy 9(1), 135-147

Working papers

Submitted in academic journals (peer-reviewed)

[5] [with Valerio Buonomo] ‘Identity, personal persistence and normative economics’ (revised and resubmitted)

[4] [with Guilhem Lecouteux] ‘The ‘‘view from manywhere’’: normative economics with context-dependent preferences’ (submitted)

Not yet submitted (in progress)

[3] ‘Reconciling normative and behavioural economics: a critical survey’ (version 04/2021)

[2] ‘Back to Aristotle? Explorations of objective happiness’ (version 08/2020)

[1] ‘From prospect theory to behavioural welfare economics’ (version 07/2020)

PhD thesis