Article in academic journal (peer-reviewed)

Mitrouchev, I. and V. Buonomo (forthcoming). Identity, ethics and behavioural welfare economics. Economics & Philosophy

Review essay in academic journal (peer-reviewed)

Mitrouchev, I. (2019). Normative economics without the concept of preference. Œconomia 9(1), 135-147

Working papers (available upon request)

'The view from manywhere: normative economics with context-dependent preferences', with Guilhem Lecouteux
(revise and resubmit in Economics & Philosophy)

'Preference purification in behavioural welfare economics: an impossibility result', with Guilhem Lecouteux

'Reconciling normative and behavioural economics: a critical survey'

'The end of experienced utility measurement?'

'On the descriptive use of prospect theory for normative analysis'

Ongoing project

'Economic Preferences and Subjective Beliefs in the Wild'

With Thomas Epper (principal investigator), granted by Métropole Européenne de Lille

The aim of the project is to combine state-of-the-art experimental measures of economic preferences and subjective beliefs with rich, self- and third-party reported individual-level data on real-world economic decisions.

PhD thesis