Undergraduate level (in French)

Université Jean Monnet, IAE de Saint-Etienne (2019-2021)

Introduction to macroeconomics

Coverage: Mankiw, G.N. (1991 [2015]); Blanchard, O. and D. Cohen (2002 [2017])
Content: Keynesian economics — Okun’s law — consumption — saving — investment — the multiplier model

International finance

Topic: the Foreign Exchange Market
Content: exchange rates — currency quotes — bid-ask prices — cross-rates — spot and forward — triangular arbitrage

International trade

Coverage: Krugman, Obsfeld and Melitz (1998 [2010])
Content: comparative advantage — Heckscher-Ohlin model — monopolistic competition


Topic: introduction to the role of banks in financial markets
Content: derivatives — technical analysis — moral hazard and adverse selection — cryptocurrencies

Written communication applied to economics

Coverage: Core Econ
Content: wealth — growth — unemployment — inflation — inequalities — methodology and writing

Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne (2017-2019)

Microeconomics: strategic interactions

Topic: course in game theory
Content: expected utility theory, Nash equilibrium (pure and mixed strategies), correlated equilibrium, subgame perfect equilibrium

Microeconomic analysis

Coverage: Guerrien and Parel (1998)
Content: consumer theory, producer theory, general equilibrium

Université Paris 5 Descartes (2015-2016)

Growth and economic policy

Content: course in macroeconomics with a focus on economic policy
Content: Tinbergen model, ISLM model, monetary and fiscal policies